My Story

I have always been passionate about helping and empowering others, especially women! I identify with the fact that there are times in our lives that we feel "stuck", overwhelmed, or simply unfulfilled.  I combine my professional experience as a licensed social worker, mental health therapist, and healthcare worker, with my own personal life experiences, to help other women find the courage to empower themselves.

I help women find the courage to empower themselves, by teaching them how to tackle self-limiting beliefs, communicate more effectively, and practice self compassion in order to have more self-confidence, maintain healthier relationships and improve overall wellness. 

I offer a safe place to show up as yourself! I want to help you overcome whatever setback you may be facing. Together, we can work to improve your overall well-being and help you access the life you are truly worthy of.  Making the decision to invest in yourself can be one of the most important and boldest decisions you will ever make and it starts with YOU! I think we will make a wonderful team! Are you ready to begin the rest of your journey? 



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